• Science supports that myopia can be treated and not only corrected.
  • It’s a complete treatment plan with not only the lenses, but awesome digital tools that aim to support patients under the treatment and eye care professionals who are offering it.
  • It has two lens options, night or day, to match patients’ needs.
  • It’s been fully thought out with patients in mind, so it’s kid friendly.

Menicon Bloom Night™

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Menicon Bloom Day™

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Myopia is an eye condition characterized by blurred vision when looking at distant objects, which can have a negative impact on one's quality of life.

Myopia often progresses in children, and rapid progression can result in excessive eye growth, increasing the risk of serious eye conditions like glaucoma, myopic maculopathy, and vitreous and retinal detachments, which can lead to vision loss.

Implementing appropriate care therapies to reduce the progression of myopia in patients, thereby preventing the development of high levels of myopia, has the potential to greatly benefit millions of patients.

The term “myopia management” is widely used by optometric associations and other organizations worldwide to broadly refer to clinical strategies used by eye care professionals to address a patient's immediate refractive condition (i.e., correcting myopia) as well as the progression of their condition long term (i.e., reducing myopia progression and the axial elongation of the eye).

  • Encouraging outdoor activity can prevent or delay onset of myopia.
  • The following options can slow down myopia progression:
    • Specific contact lenses
      • Orthokeratology (OK)
      • Multifocal soft lenses
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Specific spectacles

Menicon Bloom™: Everything you need to offer myopia control with contact lenses safely and effectively.

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