Menicon Bloom™

When a child can see clearly, anything is possible

As an ECP, you want to provide high-quality services. At Menicon, with our continuing commitment to myopia control management, we’ve developed Menicon BloomTM Myopia Control Management System to help you address the myopia epidemic with a holistic approach. An environment that is always being upgraded. 

Menicon Bloom™ is our innovative, comprehensive offering for Myopia Management. Our priority is to help you achieve your goals with Menicon Bloom™ and we understand this experience as a long-term journey together.

Menicon Bloom™ features digital tools to manage every myopic patient: Menicon Bloom™ Easyfit for professional use and Menicon Bloom™ app for patients. In addition, if offers two types of CE approved contact lenses, Menicon Bloom Night™ and Menicon Bloom Day™, and lens care products, Menicon Bloom Care™ and Menicon Bloom Progent™.

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Everything you need to offer myopia control safely and effectively.

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How does it work?

Menicon Bloom Esyfit

Menicon Bloom™ Easyfit

Menicon Bloom™ Easyfit is a smart digital assistant for myopia control treatments. Menicon Bloom™ Easyfit will guide you to analyze each case, calculate the most appropriate lenses, fit them, perform the recommended follow-up visits to your patients and track their treatment effect.

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Menicon Bloom™ app

Support for your patients, optimization for your practice. Menicon Bloom™ app will offer your patients several tools, such as kid-friendly video instructions, tracking their performance with the treatment and the lenses through short surveys and receiving or sending messages to you.

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Menicon Bloom app
Menicon Bloom Night

Menicon Bloom Night™

Menicon Bloom Night™ is our night treatment option. A specifically designed orthokeratology lens for myopia management and correction with its own recommended lens care solutions: Menicon Bloom Care™ and Menicon Bloom Progent™.

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Menicon Bloom Day™

Our daily treatment option is Menicon Bloom Day™. Its design has been carefully engineered to impose myopic defocus on the peripheral retina for myopia management purposes.

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Menicon Bloom Day

Menicon Bloom™, a comprehensive offering for Myopia Management.

If you want to become a Menicon Bloom™ fitter, please contact us.