Menicon Bloom™

An imagined world where children with myopia can see clearly…
and we have used our advanced technology to create it.

Menicon Bloom™ is our innovative treatment plan
for childhood myopia. We want to make it reassuringly easy for
you to incorporate our lenses into children’s day or night routines.

Slowing myopia progression through myopia control

Getting myopia under control – by slowing the growth in length of the eye – is precisely what we aim to do with the Menicon Bloom™ treatment plan.

This treatment plan has been developed to allow the safe and effective application of myopia control. But, as well as addressing the development of myopia, the Menicon Bloom™ treatment plan also corrects your existing myopia so you can see clearly during the day.

Menicon Bloom™ line-up

Your eye care professional will show some simple graphics for you to understand why myopia management matters, based on your case. Then, you will be presented the benefits of Menicon Bloom™

Menicon Bloom™ app

Menicon Bloom™ app aims to be your partner between visits.

Menicon Bloom Day™

Menicon Bloom Day™, are the soft option to wear during the daytime and replace every day. That easy!

Menicon Bloom Night™

Menicon Bloom Night™ are the night lenses that are worn while you sleep and provide clear vision after removing them in the morning!

Lens care

Menicon Bloom Care™ & Menicon Bloom Progent™ are the lens care solutions to maintain your Menicon Bloom Night™ lenses clean.

Download the Menicon Bloom™ brochure here!

For more information, please contact your eye care professional.