Menicon Bloom recognised as Contact Lens of the Year at 2022 Optician Awards


Menicon Bloom took home the Contact Lens Award at 30th November 2022 Optician Awards in London. 

Recognised in the category for its global industry-leading innovation and commitment to improving myopia management, Menicon Bloom offers a truly comprehensive treatment plan for childhood myopia.

The Menicon Bloom plan features a holistic approach to Myopia: state-of-the-art fitting software for ECPs and an innovative app for patients, to ease the information collection and fitting and also to facilitate communication between both parties. It also includes all the tools for the ECP to have a successful myopia journey with their patients and two contact lenses that are CE approved specifically for myopia control: Menicon Bloom Night, a specially designed orthokeratology contact lens, with its own Menicon Bloom lens care solutions, and Menicon Bloom Day, an extended depth of focus soft daily disposable contact lens.

Celebrating the win, and speaking on behalf of the entire Menicon Global team who have been involved in developing Menicon Bloom, Kevin Mitchell, Managing Director at Menicon UK, said: “To take home the Contact Lens Award for Menicon Bloom is not only a fantastic achievement, it’s also real recognition of the hard work and innovation which has gone into creating a treatment plan for something which impacts a huge percentage of the world’s population. 

“With forecasts predicting levels of world myopia could increase to 50% by 2050*¹, the threat to our children’s eyesight is very real. We recognise the alarming challenges that rising levels of childhood myopia present and have successfully developed and rolled out a solution. Menicon Bloom has the potential to be truly transformational in the way we treat and manage this condition. 

“The Menicon Bloom family provides all-day versatility, comfort and peace of mind to children, young people and their families. It integrates well into the child’s everyday life and becomes a hassle-free part of their daily routine. For parents and ECPs, we’ve streamlined the process by ensuring that all of the information they need is available via our app and our system, Menicon Bloom Easyfit, respectively, which makes the whole experience less stressful and more efficient.

“Menicon is more than just a brand, it is an ethical business that puts the needs of ECPs and patients at the heart of everything that it does.”

Menicon was praised for going above and beyond to support ECPs who have recommended a myopia management journey for their patients, from fitting, using its advanced Menicon Bloom Easyfit software and the innovative Menicon Bloom app, to understanding the importance of engaging the child and their family throughout their journey.

The Menicon Bloom system is tailored so that it can be easily managed by children, giving them the ability to take a hands-on approach in the insertion, removal and caring of their contact lenses.

*¹ Holden BA, Fricke TR, Wilson DA, et al. Global Prevalence of Myopia and High Myopia and Temporal Trends from 2000 through 2050. Ophthalmology. 2016;123(5):1036-1042.