Ocularia Presents Menicon Bloom™ at Myopia Management Days in Bucharest


Menicon Bloom™ made its official debut in Bucharest from April 12-14, 2024, as part of the 2024 edition of the Myopia Management Days event, organized under the patronage of EurOK - the European organization committed to myopia control.

With 220 Eye Care Professionals (ECP) registered, the event provided a platform for professionals to engage with internationally renowned experts in myopia. Attendees had the opportunity to attend several lectures and participate in workshops aimed at enhancing their skills and knowledge in managing myopia effectively.

Menicon Bloom™ was presented to the audience by Menicon outstanding partners, Ocularia (Cassidy Management). Menicon Bloom is an innovative, comprehensive offering for Myopia Management with contact lenses.

At the heart of Menicon Bloom™ lies the Menicon Bloom Easyfit professional software, facilitating case analysis, lens calculation, fitting, and patient follow-ups with ease. Complementing this software is the Menicon Bloom™ app for patients, offering valuable insights into their lens performance through short surveys, along with kid-friendly instructions on lens handling and maintenance. The app also features a messaging function enabling direct communication with their ECP, seamlessly integrated with the professional's Menicon Bloom™ Easyfit.

The product lineup includes Menicon Bloom Night, featuring orthokeratology lenses, accompanied by lens care products (Menicon Bloom Care™ and Menicon Bloom Progent). Rounding off the offering are Menicon Bloom Day™ lenses, completing this extraordinary system.

By venturing into this new market, Menicon underscores its commitment to expanding the availability of Myopia Management treatments and demonstrates the company’s continued commitment to offering on-label, approved products specifically for myopia control management to patients and eye care professionals worldwide.

For more information, visit www.meniconbloom.com.