PROTECT (Progressive Myopia Treatment Evaluation Contact Lens Trial) Study 1-year results for Menicon Bloom Day™The 1-year results further support Menicon Bloom Day™ as an effective treatment for slowing myopia progression.


Menicon Co., Ltd (Head Office: 21-19 Aoi 3, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Japan; President and COO: Koji Kawaura) is pleased to share the 1-year interim retrospective data of the PROTECT randomized controlled trial (RCT) conducted by Visioneering Technologies, Inc., producer of the Menicon Bloom DayTM contact lens.

Menicon Bloom DayTM contact lens is the soft daily offering for myopia management included in Menicon BloomTM Myopia Control Management System, a holistic approach for myopia control management.

Menicon Bloom DayTM is a CE-approved contact lens for myopia control.

The analysis of results of the 1-year follow-up shows the treatment effect was 0.41D, or 71% for refractive error, versus the control group. In terms of axial length, the treatment effect was 0.17 mm, or 61%, versus the control group. The average axial length change was 0.11mm in children wearing the Menicon Bloom DayTM lens. Sixty-four percentage of subjects showed no meaningful progression (0.25D or less).

In conjunction with the previous six-year data1 where the analysis of results of the 1-year follow-up shows the treatment effect was 0.45D for refractive error and 0.17 mm for axial length versus the control group. Another additional independent study2 showed similar results 0.23D for refractive error and 0.17 mm for axial length versus the control group. These results further support Menicon Bloom DayTM as an effective treatment for slowing myopia progression in children.

We are thrilled to observe that the one-year data substantiates our confidence in the efficacy of Menicon Bloom DayTM in slowing myopia progression in young myopic patients.

At Menicon, we want to support eye care professionals in providing the best tools for myopia management, and these results support our commitment to them and their patients.

Peter Nijhuis
Director Myopia Management Business Division and Menicon Holdings B.V.

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