Menicon Bloom Day™

Our soft offering for myopia management and compensation

Menicon Bloom Day™

Menicon Bloom Day™ is a soft contact lens that you wear during the daytime and replace every day. Because of this, Menicon Bloom Day™ is super hygienic and hassle-free. You won’t even need any lens care solutions.

Menicon Bloom Day™ has a unique, patented design that slows the growth of the length of the eye. The lens alters the way light enters your eye and affects how images focus on your retina. The growth of your eye is thus restricted which in turn reduces the amount of myopia you develop.
Menicon Bloom Day™ lenses will correct your vision as well, giving you perfect vision while wearing them.

Benefits of Menicon Bloom Day™ lenses

Safe1-2 and effective3 application of myopia control.

Clear vision during the day thanks to the lens design4.

Improved eye-related quality of life5.

Easily integrated into the daily routines: lenses will always be handed on a safe, peaceful environment: at home. You put them after you wake up, and remove them in the evening.

Menicon Bloom Day™ is part of Menicon BloomTM Myopia Control Management System. For more information, please contact your eye care professional.



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