Menicon Bloom™ Easyfit

Menicon Bloom™ Easyfit, your smart digital assistant

Menicon Bloom™Easyfit is a user-friendly, cloud-based lens fitting and tracking software developed for professional use.

Myopia Prognosis

This tool allows you to check how well the myopia control treatment is doing in slowing myopia progression. The chart's simplicity will allow you to share it live with the patient's family so they can understand the benefits of starting a Menicon Bloom™ treatment. Besides, you will have a short note with some scientific data about the potential risks of high myopia to help you continue the conversation around the treatment offering.

Lens calculation is made easy 
with Menicon Bloom™ Easyfit

Menicon Bloom™ Easyfit does the lens calculation for you. It will pick the refraction and topography scans to select the most appropriate Menicon Bloom Night™ lens or refraction and keratometry (or topography) for selecting the Menicon Bloom Day™ lens.

This empirical calculation aims to save time and avoids the use of an orthokeratology trial set.

Menicon Bloom Easyfit

Lens performance assessment

Menicon Bloom™ Easyfit offers two different workflows: Guided or Quick.

No matter which option you choose, Menicon Bloom™ Easyfit will help you on lens calculation and assessment. In addition, the guided workflow supports you with specific visits for Menicon Bloom Night™ and Menicon Bloom Day™, where all the important information can be collected.

Menicon Bloom™ Easyfit: your digital assistant for Myopia Management treatments with Menicon Bloom™

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