Menicon Bloom™ app

The effortless way to keep your kid tracked between your myopia management treatment visits

Menicon Bloom™ app is an added value when it comes to care.

Because tracking your performance with your Menicon Bloom™ treatment is of utmost importance, the Menicon Bloom™ app is here to support you and your eye care professional.

Short, sharp surveys

 Tracking is essential for your myopia management treatment, and sometimes it is difficult to remember how you’ve been doing between visits.

At certain times, your app will ask you to complete a brief survey about your vision and your experience wearing the lenses.

The app may suggest some recommendations based on your answers and your eye care professional will have the results of your surveys ready for the next visit.

And what’s more, the app will also remind you when to replace the lenses!

Instructions at your fingertips

As you may imagine, for optimal lens performance, you will be provided with some instructions about lens care and handling. Short kid-friendly videos will always be available inside the Menicon Bloom™ app to review them as many times as needed.

Always connected

And, what if you have a question? The message function allows you and your eye care professional to be in communication.

The Menicon Bloom™ app is part of the Menicon Bloom™ treatment with Menicon Bloom Night™ or Menicon Bloom Day™ lenses. Your eye care professional will let you know when to download and activate the app. This will take place before you start using your lenses.

Menicon Bloom™ app supports you from the beginning.