Menicon Bloom™ app

Support for your patients, optimization for your practice

Sometimes it’s hard to find out how your patients have been doing with their treatment between visits.

Do they really remember if comfort has improved or decreased?

Do they recall if they’ve had any issues with lens handling?

And, what about vision? Are they able to state if it has been always good?

Identifying and prevention

Menicon Bloom™ app brings you the support to track your patients between visits.

This mobile application will reach your patients with some short surveys lined-up with their treatment.

Surveys are brief, straightforward, and easy to answer with friendly smileys. It won’t take more than a couple of minutes for the patient (with the help of a relative if needed) to answer the questions.

What is best is that the app is linked to your Menicon Bloom™ Easyfit. The results are updated immediately in patients’ history after they finish the survey.

Instructions always within reach of patients

We know that sometimes it’s also difficult to ensure that patients have paid attention to the lens handling and care instructions you’ve provided to them.
The Menicon Bloom™ app includes a section of Tips, where patients and families can access to short kid-friendly animations where all these instructions are reviewed. They can check them as many times as needed!

And what’s more, it will also send a reminder after six months of lens wear to schedule a visit with you and replace the lenses.

Communication as a key feature of success

Last, but not least, the Menicon Bloom™ app has a message feature. As it is linked to your Menicon Bloom™ Easyfit, you will have the option to send messages to your patients’ app, such as a reminder for the next visit, and they will also be able to text you if they have any questions.

Menicon Bloom™ app for an added peace of mind

If you want to become a Menicon Bloom™ fitter, please contact us.